www. Holidays4Disabled.com have been Organising Holidays and Travel for Travellers with Special Needs since the early 90's. We understand that the needs of our clients very and as such one size does not fit all, so we organise all our holidays and tours to your needs and requirements.

Finding the best method of travel for your trip may seem obvious but making sure you avoid hitches is important. 

Flying from the main airports in the UK has it's own advantages / disadvantages but what is it going to be like at your destination ?

Are you changing aircraft or travelling internally ? Some small airlines / airports disabled facilities may not be suitable for your needs?

If travelling by rail - Is the train / station accessible ? Is there anyone to help you ? Is there luggage trollies or Porters?

Is the car / coach adapted to your needs or big enough to take everything ? Are local buses accessible ?

Does the Ferry / Cruise ship have the right access for you ? Remember on Cruises the ship may have to use a Tender so there may be some Ports of Call not suited to some disabled travellers.

Remember certain wheelchair batteries may not be allowed on local buses / cruise ships / railway or planes

Our team of Travel Consultants include members with a variety of medical conditions and also trained medical staff to enable us to fully appreciate the complete needs of you our client.


We work direct with airlines, cruise companies, hotels, transfer companies, car hire, attractions, holiday parks, care companies , equipment providors, coach companies, rail operators  and tourist boards to try to meet even the most difficult needs - but we need you to share accurate information to help us help you.

Some of the information we need will include details of your medical needs, details of equipement you use, details of anyone travelling with you. Remember not all wheelchairs are the same width etc, so if you use a wider wheelchair it may not fit through doors in properties or turning circle may be too small. If you have allergies, need to take medication - we will need to advise you if you need to get any letters or special permission from supplier for you to use in that country or property. At times we may have to ask you your weight as Equipment / Ramps have specific limits and we do not want to embarrass you if somewhere you go cannot accommodate you because the size or weight limit of equipment/user is over the safe working weight as it is then a health and safety risk for both you and people around as it also invalidates your / there insurance if used against manufacturers limits.